New Students:January Welcome Guide

How time flies! If you are joining us in January, you will be here in Edinburgh in just a few weeks.

HeeHaw/Edinburgh Uni/05.02.08

Remember the Arrival Date will be on Thursday 07 January, with induction activities starting that evening. If you arrive on that day, you can take advantage of our Airport Welcome service. Our student ambassadors will welcome you at Edinburgh Airport and help you find your way to your accommodation.  Please note that you may not be able to check in to your accommodation until 12.00.

Once you are in Edinburgh, why not come along to our International Arrival Lounge?  it will take place on 07 January at 14.00 in the Dining Room (Teviot Row House). Join us for a coffee, meet other new arrivals, current students and members of staff. The International Student Advisory Service team will be on hand to answer any early questions you have about Edinburgh and to provide information about events that are coming up as part of the inductions. Please book your free ticket through Eventbrite.


Later on that day, you’ll get a chance to try a ‘Taste of Scotland’! You will meet other new visiting students and try traditional foods – haggis (a vegetarian option will also be available), neeps and tatties! Please note it is not a full-sized dinner, just a taster of these traditional foods. Resident Assistants in your halls/flat areas will walk you down to the event to make sure you don’t get lost.

We’ve got plenty more events in store for you –  to see the full list please download our Events App!

And finally – remember to check out the Arrival Guide that has lots of useful information to help you prepare for your time in Edinburgh.

We look forward to welcoming you in Edinburgh soon!

The ISAS Team


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